Expertise in the latest LTE and 5G NR wireless
technologies providing conceptualization,
development, testing, and maintenance services.


Procal aims at helping organizations gain a
competitive edge by leveraging new
to drive innovation.technologies

Agile System

Delivering innovative and competitive solutions to
clients across hardware development industry.


At Procal, we develop quality software for retail,
banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and other

Software Stack

Provides end-to-end services to cover all aspects of
cloud application implementation.

App Design
& Deployment

We have mastered the technology stack which helps
us to deliver the best of the desktop solutions.

GUI Design &

Procal provides professional mobile consulting
and business analysis to define and prioritize
features, as well as plan out the solution architecture,
and conduct usability testing


With procal, Now analyze a massive amount of
data and convert them into a roadmap
for your business

Data analysis
& enterprise

Enables you to make informed decisions and to
reshape the enterprise process and better
value proposition.

Ai & Big data

striving for your digital freedom by making your
system scalable, accessible, and secure by switching
to multi-cloud.

Multi cloud

we believe and follow a security-first approach to
sour customers in securing products and services
from the initial stage.

Data &

leveraging our multi-faceted expertise in IT
management services – for business operations
and utilities.


make your enterprise IoT-enabled and take
of the latest technologies like cloud, edge
computing and blockchain etc.

IoT services
& Governance

Connecting the dots between business
and their desired outcomes in
the new normal


Optimal ways workflows and
infrastructure can benefit from Cloud
to Cybersecurity Solutions


Expertise in Multi-domains of IT -
from Programming Of JS & Python
to Robust Platforms like SAP & Azure


Being Procal Tech

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Procol with 10+ years of expertise comes Innovative 5G Infrastructure offerings, cutting-edge network automation solutions, and virtualRAN offerings, and much more to handle 360-degree idealization to ground-level execution strategies.


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Of Technologists & Consulting Experts

Enabling Telecom Transformation

5G NR Infrastructure solutions

End-to-End automated solutions, data analytics, network exposure, and monetization to transform your network into an agile, revenue-generating platform with 5G ecosystem at its core

Leveraging 5G Innovations

10 years of expertise in working with 3GPP technology (2G / 3G / 4G / 5G) across PDLC (development, testing and maintenance) from the visible layer to the Network Management System (NMS)

Ideation to Launching

Protocol research and planning, followed by system software development and validated by TDD methodology takes care of solution development from A-Z and beyond.

Coverage & drive testing

There are a large number of canned test templates available for performance testing, interoperability testing, and benchmark performance testing.

AI & ML Based Network Twin

The simulation of VR Turnkey network software to allow testing, validation, and recommendations to help mobile network operators and OEMs predict network behavior in complex situations using AI ML models.

Enabling Telecom Transformation

5G NR Infrastructure solutions

transforming your network into an agile, revenue-generating platform at the heart of the 5G NR ecosystem.

Leveraging 5G NR Innovations

10 years of expertise in working with NEMs to develop and test 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NR virtual RAN (vRAN), GSM-R and GMR2P

Ideation to Launching

3GPP technology expertise (2G/3G/4G/5G NR) across the PDLC (development, testing, and maintenance) spanning across the physical layer to Network Management System.

Coverage & drive testing

Our TTCN based test tool solution validates 4G and 5G NR network functions as per TTCN based 3GPP Specifications.

AI & ML Based Network Twin

Enabling a dynamic testing and development environment where telecom players and their collaborators can validate and integrate 5G NR network solutions.

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